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[Fitting] Epithal

I’ve decided to continue the theme of low-sec travel for a couple posts. If you haven’t checked the blog lately, I recently posted a guide to low-sec travel and a frigate travel fit for low-sec. Today, we meet the low-sec fit Epithal.
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[Fitting] Atron (travel)

Sorry for slowing down on posts again, all my free time has gone into getting corp stuff finalized. Our pre-recruitment drive to get a few extra people turned into a larger-than-expected recruitment. As a result, some stuff I thought I’d have a couple weeks to get in order now has to be finalized right away. So that’s what I’ve been up to.

In the course of getting new corp members moved to our headquarters (which requires passage through low) I’ve been encouraging those who are new to low-sec to ship their goods in to one of the region’s high-sec entry points (for the corp to courier contract through low for them) and cross low in a travel-fit frigate. This is a travel-fit Atron suitable for moving in low-sec.
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