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War Log: Day One

As I mentioned in the last post, Kaede Industries received its first wardec this past Sunday, with hostilities beginning on Monday. This post is the first in a series talking about how the war played out. Hint: it went well. On a related note, we have essentially quadrupled in membership since the war began. That’s pretty good for indy corp recruitment during war time. So, here’s how it all began…
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Getting the Ball Rolling

I had planned to enter a blog post over the weekend, but unfortunately didn’t get around to it. But don’t worry, dear readers. It was a busy weekend in-game, and now it’s time to fill you in on everything you missed. We added some people to the corp, set up a new shiny, banged our head against corp role mechanics, took advantage of a fortuitous wormhole, and conducted some diplomacy. Strap in and read on! Continue reading