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Never Tell Me the Odds

Near MIss
Not too long ago, I posted about a passive shield tanked Drake fit that I was going to try out for mission running. Well, the verdict is in. I built this Drake for L3 mission stomping. And it is wildly successful in that role. It may have made me overconfident. Continue reading


[Fitting] Here Be Drakes

In my previous post, I talked about how I came to build my very first Drake. Now comes the task of properly fitting it to stomp on some L3 missions. I went with a fairly standard passive shield tank fit, with some slight modifications. I’ll state upfront that I am not a min/max-er. I think it’s perfectly acceptable, sometimes, to trade a little bit of a primary stat for a lot of a secondary stat(s). That being said, I realize this isn’t best-in-class. Life and EVE are, as always, a learning experience. Here we go. Continue reading

My First Drake

I stayed up a little later last night than normal in order to finish up some hauling. I started my trek yesterday afternoon by running half a hold full of Enriched Uranium to a high buy order in Lonetrek on the way to Jita to sell some Nuclear Reactors, the other half of my haul. I used the proceeds to buy some shiny new blueprints to fill in the gaps in my collection, including a couple of Myrmidon and Drake BPCs. Continue reading