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A Different Kind of Roam

Over the weekend, I decided to try my hand at some trading. I used both my DST and my BR on two empires-wide trading roam circuits that constituted a total of about 15 hours or so of total gameplay. I won’t post details of profits made because numbers-wise it’s not particularly impressive (primarily because my starting capital was low, which limited how much isk I could put in play to profit off the margins). But I did learn some things making newbie mistakes that might help guide other fledgling traders. Continue reading


[Fitting] Occator

Hello, capsuleers. This weekend I finished training Gallente Industrial V, which was my final hurdle to climbing into a transport ship. I decided to go ahead with Gallente Industrial V over say Caldari Industrial V because I was primarily shooting for the Viator BR (a fitting post for which is next up). I’m not sure the Occator would have been my first choice for a DST, but it’s what I can currently fly, so I bought one, and here’s my fit. Continue reading