Useful Websites

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  • Dotlan EVE Maps: One of the most popular sites for viewing 2-D maps of New Eden. Dotlan maps can be configured for a variety of information displays. The site also contains detailed information on systems, sovereignty and faction warfare changes, alliances, and more. Its more popular features are the Jump Planner and Route Planner for planning movement routes based on user-set criteria.
  • EVE Eye Maps: Visually distinct, with comprehensive data overlays. Alpha version; initial load takes a few minutes. Integrated with EVE Eye for detailed statistics.
  • Static Mapper: Site designed to aid explorers and wormhole-space cartographers map the W-space systems and report on the probable static type of each wormhole.


Tools and Calculators

  • Carebearium: A search tool for solar systems based on industry indices, mission agents, mining options, player activity, travel distance, and seclusion.
  • DRK Industry Tracker: Features several industry-related tools, including a reprocessing calculator, manufacturing material cost tool, a POS builder, copy/paste valuation tool, and more.
  • EVE Cost: Industry operations management site featuring manufacturing calculator with profit calculations; research time calculations for blueprints; invention calculator with chance percent and blueprint cost calculation; reprocessing and refining cost calculators; a shopping cart feature; and various API-enabled functions.
  • EVE Industry Calculator: A very useful website for industrialists. The blueprint calculator allows you to set a variety of conditions, such as TE/ME percentage, relevant skills, production facility, etc. In turn the calculator tells you the required materials, their valuation, the valuation of the end product, associated taxes and fees, and calculates your end profit. It also allows you to add the required input materials across multiple job calculations to a shopping list. Additionally, the site has an industry Team finder, an ore mining profit calculator (which offers side-by-side comparison of compressed ore vs. refined material prices), and a compressed ore calculator (you input the minerals you need and your refining rate and it tells you how much of which compressed ore to buy).
  • EVE Markets: Market price analysis tool operating on data from EVE-Central. Good resource for analyzing market trends.
  • EVE Smith: Capital ship construction tool helps you determine the quantity, complete pricing of input materials, and overall cost.
  • Evepraisal: Online appraisal tool. Allows for cut and paste of inventory, cargo scanner, d-scan, bill of materials, loot history, planetary interaction, survey scanner, view contents, contracts, EFT blocks, in-game killmail, wallet transactions, asset listings, as well as manual entry for a quick valuation appraisal.
  • Fuzzwork Enterprises: Excellent site for many third-part tools, with fourteen industry/trade related tools alone. Also has a blueprint calculator, LP store calculator, and twelve other tools and data reference sets, such as a Tags for Sec calculator and an item compare tool.
  • IGB POS Planner: In-game browser POS setup tool. Though some of the newer changes to POS arrays are not explicitly included, new arrays generally correspond to the PG/CPU specs of existing examples.
  • Jump Fatigue Calculator: Calculates jump fatigue based off user input.
  • PI Commodity Relations: Interactive visual reference showing the relationships between various planetary interaction commodities: eg. highlighting a P3 commodity will show all of the P2 and P1 commodities and PO raw materials that go into producing that P3, as well as showing which P4 commodities use that particular P3 commodity in its production. Shows a similar visual representation of the relationship between commodities and planets. Highlighting a planet type will show all raw materials which can be extracted and every commodity that can be produced using only that planet.


  • Element 43: Market research site. Features a market browser, trade finder, top 50 station list (along with their top orders), as well as API-based asset management tools. Beta version.
  • EVE Central: EVE Central uses user submissions of market data to present aggregate market data on sell and buy orders across New Eden. It also has a trade finder. You can enter a particular system or region as your origin and destination, and the trade finder will identify profitable items to haul based on disparity of origin sell order and destination buy order.
  • EVE Eye: Comprehensive solar system data, as well as a large list of available features and tools.
  • EVE Market Data: Market and trade reference site. Features a copy/paste valuation tool, station order ranking (with item ranking), a shopping cart tool, a mining/PI/reaction pricing reference, a trade route and deal finder, recommended items to stock for low/null markets, and an outbid checker for your market orders.
  • EVE Planets: A good resource for anyone setting up a Planetary Interaction network.
  • EVE Survival: A wonderful source of information on things you need to know for specific missions and related information, including info on agents, npcs, ship setups, and more.

Useful In-Game Corporations

  • Estel Arador Corp Services: EVEGate link for in-game corporation Estel Arador Corp Services [EACS], which offers free jump clones at 1092 locations across 27 regions.
  • Push Industries: Corp website for Push Industries, a popular in-game shipping corporation.
  • Red Frog Freight: Corp website for Red Frog Freight, a popular in-game shipping corporation. Red Frog handles high-sec to high-sec shipments. Their subsidiary Black Frog Logistics handles shipments into low-sec and null-sec. Subsidiary Blue Frog Freight is similar to Red Frog, high-sec only, but accepts higher collateral amounts.

Wikis, Forums, and More

  • EVElopedia: The official EVE wiki. Comprehensive but often out-of-date information.
  • Uniwiki: EVE University’s wiki. A popular alternative to the official wiki. Operated by EVE University, a well-known and respected in-game corporation that trains new players.
  • EVE Online Forums: Official EVE forums. Often one of the best places to find information and provide feedback to the game devs.
  • EVE Board: Generates character sheets showing trained skills, current skill queue, character info and account status from API submissions. Features a section for character sales.
  • EVE Character Search: Tool that scrapes the EVE Forums’ Character Bazaar and builds a database of currently active character sales.
  • Failheap Challenge (FHC): EVE Online forums known especially for ship fits and political discussions.
  • OMG Labs: Page linking to all of Chribba‘s websites.
  • EVE Skunk: Information on alliance standings, emails, and events.

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