The Corp

Kaede Industries is a shipping and industrial corporation based in a high-sec pocket surrounded by low-sec in the Placid region of New Eden.

We build stuff. We focus our industrial manufacturing on a comprehensive selection of ships, rigs, mods, deployables, containers, charges, ammo, drones and PI merchandise for local sale. One of our primary goals is to make the Placid market more robust, competitive, and profitable.

We ship stuff. If you need it moved in or out of the pocket, or from one end of low to the other, we’ve got you covered. Need something hauled from or to Jita or another major market hub? We’ll do that too.

We support the independent operations of our members. Want to try your hand at manufacturing? Build from our large library of blueprints. Just want to mine? Sell your ore to our local buy orders. Are you a space trucker? If you lose your hauler to a camp, take advantage of our ship reimbursement program. Want to pew pew other ships? Submit your favorite fits and arrange to have a bulk order of your favorite pvp ships stocked, ready to go. No charge upfront. Lose a ship? Your backup is already waiting for you: pre-fit, its bays already stocked to your specifications with ammo, charges, drones and repair paste. Get back into the fight! Are you a mission runner? There’s a Level IV Security agent at our headquarters. Sell your salvage to our local buy orders. Contract your loot to us at Jita prices. Are you an intrepid explorer? Arrange in advance to hire a dedicated scout and salvage team, and coordinate your operation over corp comms.

Start your career at Kaede Industries. Independent operations are all well and good, but sometimes you want to be a part of a group, accomplishing things as a team that are beyond what you can achieve on your own. There’s a place for that here. Kaede Industries has a variety of career positions available.

Forge your own career path. Earn a salary! Become a Quartermaster and run our scout and salvage teams. Our Security Officers act to protect the corp’s assets and root out troublemakers. Rise to the position of Intelligence Officer and embrace intrigue and spycraft. Become a Manager and help run the corp. Become a Production Manager, Sales Manager, or Industrial Commander and be an integral part of the corp’s industrial empire. Are you obsessed with spreadsheets, charts and data? You’ll shine as an Analytics Officer as you help plan corp operations. Put your space trucking skills to good use and haul for the corp as a Licensed Courier. Become a leader of the corp as one of four executive Chief Officers.

Play at your own pace. What’s all this pressure to get a job?! Career positions are a great way for members to earn extra isk and gain additional access to perks, but they are entirely optional. If you’d rather just do your own thing while socializing and taking advantage of our corp-wide services, there’s a place for that here too.

Make money. We have a pretty simple philosophy at Kaede Industries. It’s based on the idea that if we help our members build personal wealth, it helps us build corporate wealth. Our services are designed to trade isk for convenience, supply, or efficiency. If one side of a transaction is making a profit, the other side is gaining a benefit. We extend this philosophy of reciprocity by using salaries, perks, and bonuses as incentives to make desirable those activities that drive the corp’s revenue production. The corp’s final return on this philosophy is a vibrant and active member base.

Fly safe. Fly with us.

Disclaimer: The preceding services are not available until after the corporation’s official launch. Monitor the blog for official notification of our launch date.


2 thoughts on “The Corp

  1. John Wheway

    Good advert, thought the name was familier as I have spent the last year hanging around the two low sec systems to the immediate south.
    Keep it up


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