The Author

Who Me?

I’m a writer and a gamer. I’ve played a lot of MMOs. For me, though, one of the great things about EVE is how it satisfies that pixel spaceship itch that began years ago after playing the old Escape Velocity games (EV, EV: Override, EV: Nova). In-game, my main character is Benetavo Saraki. See you out there in the black!

Game Experience

I’m a relatively new player. I’ve played on separate occasions as far back as 2008, but this year is the first time I’ve really dived into the game in a serious way. You need goals to keep you playing, and this time I’ve got them. I look at EVE as a continual learning experience. I’m not an expert in any particular area, but I’m slowly building up my knowledge as I play with and blog about shiny internet spaceships.

Why the Blog?

I started this blog for a number of reasons. Originally, I just wanted to create an EVE site that I could use as a resource for a startup corp, a way to get some publicity and offer something worthwhile for members. Then it became about making a good blog that compared well to existing, more established, popular blogs. Not out of competitiveness, but out of a desire to be a useful and interesting place to visit. Also, I’m pretty excited to showcase some EVE fiction stories. Hopefully, you’ll like reading them as much as I’m going to enjoy writing them.


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