Recent Updates

Update: 11/11/14: Added one link to Graphics. Added one link to Useful Websites.

Update: 11/10/14: Added one link to Guides.

November 2014

11/5/14: Added three links to Useful Websites.

11/4/14: Updated the sidebar countdown timer to count down to the Rhea expansion.

11/3/14: Fixed the Phoebe countdown timer to accurately correspond to expected patch downtime. Added a link to Guides. Added a link to Useful Websites. Added a new sub-page under What’s In Development to catalog all updates and past changes to unclutter the What’s In Development page. Changed site comment preferences to still allow comments after 30 days; changed sort order of comments to display most recent comments above previous comments; changed comment avatars to generated “identicons” instead of “mystery man” for those without a pre-existing avatar icon. Added “Please report broken links” feedback link to all Resource Hub pages.

October 2014

10/31/14: Added three links to Spreadsheets & Docs. Added a link to Guides. Reorganized and added a link to Quick Reference menu.

10/30/14: Added a link to Guides.

10/29/14: Added a Ship Fits sub-menu item to Resource Hub linking to all blog posts labeled with the “Ship Fits” category. The Quick Reference section was split off from Resource Hub into its own menu item, with sub-menu items linking out, in order to bring the section more in line with its intended purpose as quick, easily available links to useful reference data. Added a link to the Quick Reference menu. The graphics from the previous iteration of the Quick Reference page were moved to a new Graphics subsection of the Resource Hub. Added an additional link to Graphics section. Added twelve links to Useful Websites. Added section headings to What’s In Development page.

10/28/14: Added a link to Guides. Added a link to Useful Websites.

10/27/14: Added a link to Useful Websites.

10/25/14: Major Update to Resource Hub: Added a new subsection to the Resource Hub for Spreadsheets & Docs and added two links to it. Added five links to Quick Reference. Added fourteen links to Guides. Added three links to Useful Websites. Added category headings and alphabetized organization to all subsections.

Added hyperlinks to appropriate site pages mentioned in various What’s in Development updates.

10/24/14: Added a countdown timer to Phoebe release in main sidebar. Added a link to Useful Websites.

10/20/14: Resource Hub update. Guides and Quick Reference subsections join Useful Websites under the Resource Hub parent menu. Additional links added to all three subsections. Front page image changed.

10/17/14: Racial character header banners have been updated to randomly display either the Caldari, Gallente, Amarr, or Minmatar versions upon each page load.

10/14/14: Resource Hub is live. It remains a work in progress, but its Useful Websites sub-page is up. More will be added to that page, and additional sub-pages will be added to the Resource Hub as they are completed.


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