What’s In Development?

We have big plans here at Chasing the Black, but they’re not all realized, yet. This page details recent updates, as well as upcoming content and planned features. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see from us, please let us know.

Recent and Past Updates

Planned Features

New Player Hub

One of the obstacles that is most difficult to overcome as a new player is the depth and complexity of the game mechanics, coupled with hard-to-find, outdated, or simply missing documentation on how things work. The New Player Hub will feature some combination of FAQs, concise explanations of core game concepts, and links to solid information. We want you to keep playing, and this upcoming page will help you get past those early obstacles so you can.


When you first move to a new region, it takes time to learn your way around, to know which systems to avoid, which are the best places to mine, travel routes, the location of mission hubs, etc. The Guidebook is a feature aimed at new or prospective members of Kaede Industries, as well as other newcomers to Placid. It will guide you on a comprehensive tour, so you can more efficiently operate in the region from day one.

Resource Hub

One of the best things about EVE Online is the rich and active playerbase. In addition to all the wonderful blogs, there are a multitude of third-party programs, online tools, spreadsheets, and other resources that offer a wealth of expanded capability to the player. The Resource Hub will act as a launchpad for players to find these excellent resources.

Corp Documentation

For members and prospective members of Kaede Industries, this section will host our public business plan, explanations of corp services and policies, and other documentation related to Kaede Industries.

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