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Why Mining Barges Should Have a Utility High Slot

I haven’t posted much this past week. I point you to reasons I discuss in this previous post about time management. Real life matters and in-game preoccupation have left me with little time to blog recently. But I have returned, and I’ve got stuff to say. So strap in, dear reader, as we explore the following idea.

I think mining barges should have a utility high slot. I actually suggested this once in a CSM town hall meeting, but without any context behind it, I don’t think the idea got much traction. So, this post aims to present that context. Why should barges get a utility high slot? What are the benefits? Are there drawbacks? What would it mean for gameplay? Continue reading



“Risk” has become somewhat of a buzzword in the world of EVE. It seems to insert itself into any discussion of game balance or proposed changes. Which is appropriate, in some ways; in the pvp-centric game world of EVE, every activity you do is governed by the risk of potential loss. This has to be balanced against the potential return from that activity, which is why you see so many discussions concerning “risk vs reward.” Often these discussions descend into bickering arguments where both sides point to “risk,” or lack thereof, to backup their side. With so many interpretations of what risk in EVE means, or what it should mean, the concept of it is becoming muddled. I’m going to attempt to analyze my interpretation of risk as it relates to gameplay, and present my opinion on how it should be balanced.
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What Happens in Vegas…

There’s lots of excitement about the upcoming EVE Vegas event. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the event or watch the live stream, so I will have to rely on other blogs to get my coverage fix. One day, I would like to attend a Fanfest or other similar player gathering. The dynamic of the player community of EVE interests me. So, with that in mind, and in anticipation of EVE Vegas, I thought I’d write a blog post about the topic of the player community. Continue reading