[Fitting] Atron (travel)

Sorry for slowing down on posts again, all my free time has gone into getting corp stuff finalized. Our pre-recruitment drive to get a few extra people turned into a larger-than-expected recruitment. As a result, some stuff I thought I’d have a couple weeks to get in order now has to be finalized right away. So that’s what I’ve been up to.

In the course of getting new corp members moved to our headquarters (which requires passage through low) I’ve been encouraging those who are new to low-sec to ship their goods in to one of the region’s high-sec entry points (for the corp to courier contract through low for them) and cross low in a travel-fit frigate. This is a travel-fit Atron suitable for moving in low-sec.

This Atron setup aligns and gets into warp in exactly 3 seconds (with my skills–at all V, this fit has a 2.7 sec align/3 sec warpout). It might be a good idea to upgrade the Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I rigs to Tech II versions in order to give you a 2.x align time for a lag-resistant 3 second warp out.

The two WCS gives you some defense against a fast point. The T2 istab (plus the LFNJ rigs) gets the fit to the 3-sec warp out mark. MSE II and and EM Ward Amp II gives you a 3500-3861 ehp, depending on skills. The tank is on there mostly because it can be fit on there. Whether there are better mid-slot choices is debatable. You could replace those with tackle mods, I suppose, if you wanted that utility. The 1MN MWD is just generally useful to have on this fit, whether you need to crash a gate or set-up an insta-undock.

The T1 cloak is there so you can use this ship as a scout, park it on a gate perch and cloak up. The probe launcher is there because why not have the utility. The Small Processor Overclocking Unit I is only there because of the CPU needs of the MSE II and EM Ward Amp II. If you lost those for, say, Tech 1 versions of a warp scrambler and stasis webifier, you could equip a +1% CPU implant and drop the overclocking rig for something else.

[Atron, 3 sec warp]
Inertia Stabilizers II
Warp Core Stabilizer I
Warp Core Stabilizer I

1MN Microwarpdrive I
Medium Shield Extender II
EM Ward Amplifier II

Prototype Cloaking Device I
Core Probe Launcher I, Core Scanner Probe I
[empty high slot]
[empty high slot]

Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I

For low-sp pilots, you can downgrade everything to T1. You’ll be at a 4-second warp out, but it should still see you through low safer than other alternatives.

o7 (I’ll edit this post with a pyfa graphic later on)


3 thoughts on “[Fitting] Atron (travel)

  1. tannercolejones

    I dont know too much about ship fitting, so I’ll ask; why not use a venture instead, with its +2 warp core strength from its role. Are its align times too slow? Its speed?


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