eve battle
War! The corp received its first war declaration over the weekend, and the war began Monday. I’ll do a longer write-up about all the fun later in the week, when it’s not as strategically relevant. But I wanted to briefly talk about it, so you’re not confused as I mention it in other posts between now and then.

If you recall from this post, this past weekend I did a trading roam throughout empire space. What I didn’t mention in that article is that as I went from system to system, I dropped short recruitment messages in local any time I hit a system with a decent population.

This was kind of a “take the message to the people” recruitment strategy prior to posting recruitment on the forums and reddit.

I pretty much expected that it would invite a wardec. Ironically, out of the dozens of local posts I dropped, including in low-sec systems, it was the very last advert that I dropped in our home system local at the very end of my trading roam on Sunday that drew the wardec. A corporation who used to be based in our area about a year ago had decided to move back. They thought it would be fun to wardec us, as we no doubt looked like a weak, inviting target.

They were pretty excited about it at first, scouting our POS on Sunday night. But they haven’t seemed as excited about it since I brought in an alliance as a war ally. Fun times. More to tell. Keep an eye on the blog for upcoming posts about how the war plays out.

And don’t forget, Kaede Industries is Recruiting!


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