Kaede Industries is Recruiting!

Kaede Industries [KAEDE] is recruiting! We’re looking for miners, industrialists, and haulers to fill out our core group prior to official launch later this month. This post is a reproduction of our reddit thread in the /r/evejobs subreddit. Please upvote if you visit the thread so we can get maximum exposure. Thanks, and fly safe.

Kaede Industries is an industrial corporation focused on T1/T2 manufacturing in a low industry cost index system. We base out of an island of 10 high-sec systems within FW low-sec space.

As a startup corporation, we are on a recruitment drive to build a larger core group of players prior to our official launch. Players with at least three months game experience are preferred, but our existing members have a solid experience base, so we are also able to guide new players who wish to join.

We are a US-timezone corporation. Participation in corporation activities is rewarded, but there are no specific attendance requirements. Real life comes first. Our members trend to a higher age group, so there’s a mature, no-drama social environment.

We are currently prioritizing recruitment of miners, industrialists, and haulers. If your primary gameplay lies in a different area, you are also welcome. See what we offer our members below.

We have multiple Orca pilots providing a high uptime of Orca mining boost support, including during hours outside our primary timezone. Sell your ore directly to the corp at best regional or Jita buy prices, whichever is higher. Paid weekend mining ops to be scheduled.

We have a large and diverse blueprint library, which is available to members to use for their own production. We are based in a system with factory facilities and a low industry cost index. Station research facilities are one jump away. Access to local POS research and production facilities may be arranged. We are based out of a strong local market servicing the high-sec island. Two Top 20 trade hubs are within 5 jumps of our home system. Sell locally in the regional markets or courier contract your goods to the corp to move safely through low-sec to a hub of your choice.

Get paid work completing corp-only courier contracts, both intra- and inter-regional. While executing a corporation contract, if you lose your (approved fit) hauler to a gate camp, you’re eligible for ship reimbursement.

Other Professions:
Though other activites are not a focus for the corporation as a whole, we make an effort to provide useful services to members who individually engage in other professions. Some of the services provided: loot/salvage buyback; contracted scout and salvage work; pre-made PVP ship supply and distribution (submit your fits and preferred cache locations and we’ll keep item exchange contracts active at those locations for a discounted price).

If you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch so we can answer your questions. In game, join channel KAEDE Public or contact Benetavo Saraki. Out of game, you may respond to this thread, leave a message on our corp website, or email blackbenetavo@gmail.com. (Best contact method is to send Benetavo Saraki an in-game mail)

For more information and insight into our corporation, visit our corp website/blog.


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