Quick Update

I wanted to bring you a quick update. I’ve been slower with actual blog posts lately, and I wanted to tell you why and also give you a heads up on upcoming posts. I’ve been slower with posts, not because I don’t have stuff to write about and not because I haven’t been active in game, but primarily because a lot of my available time for working on the blog has been spent updating content elsewhere on the site.

Recent Updates

If you haven’t been keeping up with recent changes, you can see what I’ve been doing on the site here. Or you can look at the new stuff directly by taking a look at the menu items up top. I’ve added a Quick Reference menu item with links out to items you would want to access right away with a minimum of page navigation. The Resource Hub has been fleshed out with multiple sections and lots of links have been added.

I’ll continue to add links to all of those sections. Also, on the Resource Hub main page—which currently just has a brief “under construction” disclaimer and links to the subsections—I plan to add something like an “Editor’s Choice” section, with my preferred and most used links.

I’ve also started going back and adding some comments to some past posts, either correcting, clarifying, or simply expanding upon the post. I’m doing this as I notice things, but I plan to continue this process. Hopefully, this will help past posts continue to stay relevant. I plan to make a special effort to do this for fitting posts, adding comments with new or revised fittings as they become dated or I get more feedback.

Upcoming Posts

The next few posts on the agenda include part two of the short story “Confidence” (here is part one), an update to my Occator fitting post (new fit will be added in the comments), a new fitting post for a Viator, and a new fitting post for a Noctis. I also plan to do a trading-related “Captain’s Log” post soon, and I’m thinking of doing a Phoebe-related post.

Now that I’ve got the major expansions to Resource Hub taken care of, I hope I can get back to a schedule of doing a blog post every 2-3 days, and get some of these planned posts out to you soon.


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