Time in Space

Image by Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Time Spiral” by Alexandre Duret-Lutz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 / Cropped from original

Last night, I had to cut my in-game activities short because it was bedtime. Meaning that my mining trip into high-sec was going to have to be carried over into another day. I was slightly annoyed, because the longer I’m away from my home region, the longer my market orders, production queue, and PI network are left to fend for themselves. The annoyance was mainly because I could have finished up my operation that night if I’d started earlier. It got me thinking about how we, as players, choose to manage our time in and out of game.

There was a time in my life, when I was younger, when I had the free time to drop 6 or 8 or even 10 hours on a game play session without thinking twice about it. Which was awesome. But those days have passed. These days, during the week, I have about four hours available when I get home from work before I need to get to bed. In those four hours, I need to accomplish whatever I have planned for the evening. That can include dinner, errands, socialization and television, in addition to gaming. And my gaming aspirations are not necessarily limited to EVE.

For example, yesterday, my roommate was working during the evening. Which meant it was one of the few nights when I had access to his Xbox One to play Destiny (which is an awesome game, btw, if you haven’t tried it). So I played a couple story missions on that. Before that, I spent an hour watching the season premiere of Supernatural (which was also awesome). So, after I’d leveled up in Destiny, and then scrounged some dinner, it was time for EVE.

“How do you manage your time in EVE?”

The way I usually handle mining these days is to have my mining/Orca pilot alt mine in a Retriever in the background while I’m doing whatever I’m doing on my main. And when I’ve accumulated enough ore or my production has eaten up all my mineral stock, I make a run out to my mining alt’s home system in a mwd/cloaked Kryos. It takes about four Orcas worth of ore to fill up a Kryos once it’s refined, at least with my refining skills (which are decent, but not perfect).

These days, I usually eat up my mineral stocks before my background mining has accumulated 60k+ m3 of minerals. So, my main has a Covetor stashed in my alt’s system. When I run out of or low on minerals, I square away my local activities and run my Kryos out there to spend a couple nights mining with Orca support. I still need to fill up the Orca one more time to return home with a full mineral hold, and I ran out of time last night.

So that brings me to my questions for you, dear reader: How do you manage your time in EVE? How does your EVE gaming interact with other games you play and your real life activities? How do you balance your play time against game fatigue? What are your choices?


2 thoughts on “Time in Space

  1. Shaklu

    So I don’t really manage my time well at all.. but I did notice something that might help.. Refined materials take up less space, sure.. but have you tried dropping a small POS and slapping an ore compression array on it? I noticed from my time in WH space that the ore gets compressed a, frankly, ridiculous amount. You may end up being more efficient with compressing ore for transport than refining it. Just sayin’


    1. blackbenetavo Post author

      Yep, I came to the same conclusion. Now that the corp is on its feet, I’ve been using a POS with a compression array to handle our ore influx. Whether I eventually refine it or ship it to a market to sell, it’s definitely become a more efficient way of handling things.

      Yeah I recently compressed 2.3 million m3 of ore and it reduced down to <13,000m3 of compressed ore.



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