Preliminary Recruitment

Last night, I put up an initial in-game recruitment advert for Kaede Industries. The official launch is not until sometime in November, but I decided that the startup process could be benefited with a few early members who are willing to get in on the ground floor.

I’ve been considering a pre-launch recruitment period for a while. I feel like some early members would be beneficial in terms of initial feedback prior to the official recruitment drive. Also, there are certain tasks that need to be carried out that don’t require CEO-level action to accomplish. Furthermore, I’d like to get a head start on pulling in some miners. While Kaede Industries will not be a mining-centric corp, it will require a steady flow of ore to meet its production requirements.

There are things that still need to be finalized and implemented before official launch that do require CEO-level attention. I’ve decided on a revamp of the roles. Previously I had used the maximum amount of allowed roles to create specifically tailored positions. I’m not scrapping those positions, but I am changing how they are implemented. I realized that a lot of the positions had common sets of shared permissions. For example, all the junior officer positions share a certain level of access to wallet/hangar divisions.

I realized I could be much more flexible in designing specific corp positions if I used titles to denote positions. Roles could then be utilized as sets or categories of permissions. A titled position could be assigned those permission sets (roles) relevant to its needs. This will also allow greater flexibility in scrapping or creating new positions in the future. Instead of having to redo an entire role, a position can quickly be created and assigned some combination of existing roles.

I was hesitant at first to open basic recruitment prior to having everything set up. But I’m hoping that if I’m upfront about the current “work in progress” nature of the corp, I can recruit some members who like the idea of helping the corp get on its feet. And who will, incidentally, be first in line in terms of seniority and potential promotion. Additionally, if I can assemble a core starter group of members, once it’s time for official launch, having a group of existing members populating the recruitment channel will certainly help in convincing someone who is on the fence about joining to give us a go.

I put the advert up pretty late last night before bed, so it was a little rushed. Once I get home from work I plan to redo it with a little more polish. If anyone reading this is looking for a corp, get in touch with us. If you know someone looking for a corp, give them a heads up about Kaede Industries!


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