Never Tell Me the Odds

Near MIss
Not too long ago, I posted about a passive shield tanked Drake fit that I was going to try out for mission running. Well, the verdict is in. I built this Drake for L3 mission stomping. And it is wildly successful in that role. It may have made me overconfident.

This Drake absolutely dominates L3s. It was so good that I started to get cocky with it and tried some wacky experiments. The passive tank on this Drake is so good that I parked it in the middle of the room and let the entire fleet of npcs close into optimal range and just unload their full fury onto it. My shields may have dropped to around 80%. I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing and pushed through a bunch of L3 missions.

I’m currently early in the process of grinding my standings with Republic Security Services. My goal is to grind up to a standing of 8.0 so people who join the corp can install local jump clones. I was inordinately pleased with the performance of my Drake and kept running L3s until, lo and behold, I unlocked the L4 agent. I was so excited to unlock L4s that I accepted the mission before I realized I don’t actually have a ship suitable for running L4s.

I was just going to let the mission expire, but I hated to do that on the very first one offered. So, I decided to give it a stab in the Drake. Just to clear the mission and test the fit under extreme conditions. I put on my big boy pants and warped out to the mission location. The main thing I can report is that those little red crosses were very, very angry that I dared be on-grid with them.
Angry LasersWhy so angry, little red crosses? Is it because I’m about to destroy you? No, no that wasn’t the reason. Things got a little bit hairy. The first attempt, I just bulldozed in and had to warp out pretty quick. The next time around, I played it smarter and kept out of the optimal range of most of the group while drawing out and picking off the faster ships.

It was working pretty well at first. My tank was fine, I was dropping ships. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but after I triggered an incoming wave of elite frigates, things got a bit worse. The frigates spanked my little T2 light scout drones, or maybe they got some BC aggro, I’m not sure. I frantically recalled the survivors, heartbroken over my poor little lost drones. So I vowed revenge on these evil little frigates. I locked them up and unloaded my missiles and smiled as I waited for the explosions.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. (EDIT: see post comment) I didn’t seen any kind of remote reppers in action, but those frigates refused to die. And then the BCs that I had been dropping previously started refusing to die. I ended up warping out for different missile ammo, figuring these little bastards must just have kinetic resist out the wazoo. I picked up some Mjolnir and Nova missiles and tried again. No dice. Those were some badass little frigs. I spent 10 minutes unloading on one and couldn’t break its tank. I kept trying because I refused to admit that a frigate could just shrug off what I was throwing at it, especially since I’d dropped a handful of BCs in that same mission. The best I could manage was to get it just into structure, but then I had to reload and it repped back up.

Finally, I admitted defeat and sheepishly returned home. My tank was up to the task, but my dps was not. I’m fairly sure I could have refit the Drake to clear that one mission, but I decided it really wasn’t worth the trouble. I’ll come back for my revenge once I’ve skilled into a battleship. In the meantime, I’m going to go back to making L3 mission rats cry some sweet, sweet tears.


One thought on “Never Tell Me the Odds

  1. blackbenetavo Post author

    It’s interesting going back and reading these from a slightly more experienced perspective. I realize now that the frigs gave me trouble because of their speed/signature radius versus my heavy missiles and middling missile skills.



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