Can I Have Your Tears?

So, people are upset. I get it. The way you play the game will change. How dare they? Change is bad. Status quo is good. Except, no it’s not, and blind adherence to the status quo is about as healthy as cancer.

Now that I’ve ruffled your feathers, let me smooth them back down before I do it again. I completely admit that the vast majority of implications related to the proposed changes to jump drives are, quite frankly, beyond my experience level. I don’t have any grounding in how the current system works or why change X equals bad thing Y. But I’m not here to discuss the specifics of the changes themselves. I’m not qualified to do so, so I won’t. That’s not what this post is about.

I’m going to speak about the players. Has anyone taken a moment to reflect on how amazing it is that the player base has as much of a voice as it does? Yes, I realize it was a long road to this point, and that CCP’s head occasionally goes spelunking down under (in the past, present, and probably the future too). I’m not saying CCP doesn’t do dumb stuff sometimes that warrants threadnaughts or monument destruction. Because they totally do that. Sometimes our angry responses are totally justified. Good on us for voicing our objections.

As a result of that kind of situation, we got the CSM, which isn’t always perfect, but does a damn fine job, generally speaking. Quick, name another game where the players have elected representatives that are consulted by the developers. I’ll wait. No? It blows my mind that exists, and has been implemented successfully. The players made their displeasure known and gained a voice that’s actually listened to.

And it’s gone to our heads. Every little game change or situation that displeases somebody turns into an angry threadnaught. As I said, before, sometimes those are completely justified. But it’s not just the justifiable objections that get threadnaughts and rage quits. Everything warrants that now, apparently.

Again, before feathers get too ruffled, let me qualify. A huge thread with players raising objections to proposed mechanics is a healthy thing for this game to have. Except we don’t use it constructively. What percentage of posts in that thread linked at the beginning are actually logical, reasoned, earnest attempts to point out how changes could be implemented better. And how many are derivations of “this is stupid” or “I’m quitting, bye” or “CCP IS RUINING EVE” or “you suck at your jobs because this inconveniences me”.

Now, any emotionally charged thread (or thread in general) is going to attract its share of trolls and bandwagon hoppers. But there are also way too many players who post out of a sense of entitlement. The game doesn’t belong to CCP, it belongs to them. If a change affects their gameplay in a way they don’t like, that’s the only consideration that matters. If they have an opinion, it’s the only one that counts. Again, some of this is just human nature + the internet.

But the hypocrisy can get a little thick here if we’re not careful. Players have been demanding changes to null for years. They want the status quo shaken up. They want the stagnation of null rectified. Ok, so, how is that supposed to happen if drastic changes aren’t implemented? Do you really expect entire game systems to be revamped without something being nerfed? This is just the first of many changes (that have been a long time coming) to “fix” null. And we’re fighting tooth and nail for things to stay the same.

If you hate some change that CCP is proposing, write a detailed, polite, rational post. Because honestly, which posts do you think the devs are going to actually read and consider? Stop vomiting your rage onto the forums, and start contributing to the conversation in a way that’s actually going to accomplish something.

In the meantime, if you’re quitting, can I have your stuff? All of my stuff got soaked with tears.


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