Like an Orca on Ice

Like an Orca on IceBeing Saturday, I was able to get online early in the day and catch some members of my old corp online who are EU timezone. Turns out they were hitting up a Blue Ice anomaly and their booster was missing in action. The system they were mining in was about 9 jumps from my Orca pilot alt. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to take my still shiny new Orca on the road. I loaded up my Orca’s travel fit and set off to come to the rescue of some poor, unboosted miners.

Orca on the Move

Meanwhile, I had my my main jump into a Retriever and parked him in a belt mining Veldspar. That Drake construction earlier this week left my mineral stocks unbalanced. I’m out of tritanium, low on pyerite, but have ample stocks of the other minerals. My Orca pilot alt started out as a basic mining alt. And I usually run him in the background whenever I’m playing on the main. Then periodically, I’ll run out in a Kryos and ferry back the minerals. That’s been a very effective and low-effort way of supplying my production, but it’s starting to lag behind my needs.

Lately, I’ve had to run out in my main and crash some belts in a Covetor with boosts, filling up my alt’s Orca a couple of times in order to meet my quota. I’ve thought about launching a high-sec mining corp to run in parallel with Kaede Industries to serve as my supplier. Which is a long way of explaining that the opportunity to get out and properly boost a fleet appealed to me.

It was a lot less of a pain jumping my Orca over 9 systems than I thought it would be. Using a 100MN MWD is a great help in getting into warp significantly faster. Once I got to their system, I hit the station to refit, and then I warped out to the fleet.Blue Ice BluesThey managed to get on the ice anom pretty early apparently. Even with the delay in finding out they needed boosts and getting my Orca to them, there was still only a handful of people there mining. That didn’t last long.

Pretty soon, there were 14 other pilots on the ice besides us. A lot of Skiffs and other barges, obviously, another Orca, a Miasmos, and suprisingly a Charon. I didn’t know people used freighters for that purpose.

When we were working to fill my Orca up for a third time, the server decides to start dropping connections. At first, I had thought it was just my internet connection. I was hoping they didn’t think I’d just absconded with all their ice, until ye olde #tweetfleet clued me in that it was a more widespread problem.

No big deal, though. After about 10 or 15 minutes that felt like an hour, I was able to log back in just as the last of the ice was being scooped up. They had offered me an equal share of the ice, but I opted out in favor of a small boosting fee. I contracted half of the ice to each of them for an isk amount equal to 10% of the hangar price valuation of their share, which proved to be a pretty accurate average after consulting the market.

Doing so made me realize I have some holes in my alt’s skills. I had to wait for one of them to fulfill the contract in order to contract the next. I’d forgotten to train Contracting on that character. Next stop, skill book shopping. A pretty successful day so far. Now, I wonder if I can get past that L4 in my Drake.


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