It’s the Little Things

business-planThere’s a lot to do before the corp is ready to launch. Each time I’m logged into the game, I try to accomplish something on the To Do list. Lately, I’ve been trying to nail down some of the little things that go into making the corp a worthwhile example of the breed.

Most recently, I’ve been squaring away things like corp chat channels, corp bulletins, etc. One feature I put in the corp’s public channel Message of the Day (MOTD) is something I’ve grown to love in a very short period of time. It’s just a little thing, but I’ve put links to Dotlan maps in the MOTD. I labeled them as “travel advisories”; there’s a link to a dotlan map of the corp’s home region of Placid showing recent kills and one showing recent jumps. And the same links for neighboring Black Rise.

I initially put it in as just an idea for a useful feature available to those in the corp’s channel, but I was surprised how quickly I started personally using those links all the time. It’s a lot more convenient sometimes to just click on one of those links and pop open a browser window with the relevant dotlan map for a quick heads up on regional activity, instead of opening the game map, hiding open windows, selecting the correct map filter, etc.

I’ve also been working on writing up some informative and useful corp bulletins. As a member of other people’s corps, I’ve always really appreciated detailed bulletins with relevant corp-related information. So far I have an “Orientation” bulletin that’s mostly complete. That one is the basic stuff: where our headquarters are located, a corp mission statement, basic rules, links to our channels, local mission agent locations and contact links, etc. The orientation bulletin will also provide links out to this site’s Guidebook section when it is completed (for more on that, see what’s in development). Other planned bulletins will provide needed info, such as our current local buy orders and details related to offered services.

There’s still a lot more to do, but I’m pleased with how things are going. There are much more important things that have to be completed before Kaede Industries is ready to launch, but it’s the little things that make a difference.


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