My First Drake

I stayed up a little later last night than normal in order to finish up some hauling. I started my trek yesterday afternoon by running half a hold full of Enriched Uranium to a high buy order in Lonetrek on the way to Jita to sell some Nuclear Reactors, the other half of my haul. I used the proceeds to buy some shiny new blueprints to fill in the gaps in my collection, including a couple of Myrmidon and Drake BPCs.

From Jita, I made my way over to a system in Empire space where I have a mining/Orca pilot alt set up. I spent a few hours filling his Orca up a few times in the Covetor I have stashed in that system, before taking my hauler back home. Once there, I switched into a mwd/cloak fit Kryos and headed back to my alt’s mining system to pick up about 80 million isk worth of refined minerals. I would have put off retrieving the minerals until the following day but I really wanted to get a production run of a Drake started. The timing worked out pretty well, I’ll be finishing level 3 in Caldari Battlecruisers right about the time my Drake job is ready to be delivered.

If you’re wondering why I’m just now getting into battlecruisers, it’s because my character only rose from the biomass back in March. And as an industrial/trade character, I’m woefully underskilled in areas outside industry and trade. But, it’s time to run a dedicated lvl 3 mission ship and I have decent missile skills and good drone skills (hence Drake and Myrmidon).

So now it’s time to fail fit my very first Drake. Ha, just kidding. Once, I’ve played with EFT/pyfa and field-tested a fit, I’ll be back with my fit details. o7


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