Corp Pre-Startup

So, for the past few weeks, I have been working on getting Kaede Industries up and running.  To avoid being just another useless startup corp with no membership benefits or corp management infrastructure, I’ve been taking my time to do things right.

My activities and goals for this “pre-startup” period:

  • prepare a business plan
    • detail corp goals, offered services, business practices, member rules
    • outline financial plan
    • be thorough and build in transparency of governance
  • establish positions within the corp
    • associate each position with a role
    • establish appropriate permissions for each role
    • rigorously test role permissions to compartmentalize as much as possible for security purposes
  • setup HQ/office
    • define hangar divisions
    • begin seeding office with supplies
  • organize finances
    • establish a preliminary cashflow
    • gather a startup fund

I’ve made pretty good headway on that list. The business plan is a work in progress (at 10 pages now). Positions/roles/permissions are planned out but still require implementation and testing. The corp has rented an office at its headquarters and hangar divisions are already configured and being utilized. Wallet divisions are established and seeded with startup money from PLEX sales. I’m in the process of transferring my industrial base from my character to corp ownership and the isk is flowing.

I need to finish up the items on that list. As I do that, I’ll also begin moving on to stage two of the pre-startup process:

  • establish member meta-game services
    • corp website (hi!)
      • expand features and links
        • blog list
        • links to particularly informative wiki pages or guides
        • section for corp documentation
    • VOIP account/server
  • establish corp bookmarks
    • insta-undocks for select stations
    • gate scouting bookmarks
    • corp safes
  • write up a “guidebook” of the region for members
    • include locations of major mission hubs, FW hubs, market hubs
    • include travel advisories
      • known pirate systems and dangerous areas
      • suggested travel routes
      • regional connections
    • basic informational summaries for different pan-constellation areas within the region
    • suggested mining locations
  • expand social presence
    • establish a public channel (done)
    • write up a corp bulletin
    • write up a corp recruitment advertisement

Actual corp startup will involve an official recruitment launch with an advertising blitz. The corp will probably open to membership application a bit before official launch, mainly to pull in local miners to augment current mineral imports. Kaede Industries won’t be a mining corp, but will focus on regional and inter-regional shipping and industrial production. However, miners will still be needed to help feed that production.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with Kaede Industries. Estimated launch date is about a month off. Keep an eye out for us.


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